2018 Annual conference of CSMA Engineered Stone Division has successfully concluded

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2018 Annual conference of CSMA Engineered Stone Division has successfully concluded

November 25, 2018 annual conference of China Stone and Material Association Engineered Stone Division has successfully concluded in Foshan, the conference is sponsored by China Stone and Material Association, and organized by Veegoo Technology.

The CSMA president Mr. Chen Guoqing, Vice president and secretary-general Mr. Qi Zigang, director of CSMA engineered stone division Mr. Deng Huiqing, other leaders and experts, and many other guests of engineered stone industry attended this conference, total more than 120 people.
On 9 am, Director Mr. Deng Huiqing announced that the conference began, and introduced the arrangement of the conference.
Chairman of Veegoo Mr. Qiu Jianping made a speech and welcomed all the leaders and guests. Then it is the time for work summary of 2018 and work program for 2019 of engineered stone division.
Then the vice director Ms. Tian Jing introduced the US anti-dumping policy of China quartz surface and the solutions proposed by association. After that, secretary-general of China UPR Mr. Zhai Jiye made a speech about UPR industry and call on the use of high quality resin in engineered stone industry.
Then, Mr. Lei Junting from Meibo and Ms. Deng Feizhou from Veegoo made speeches about how to improve the quality of engineered stone and the international market and trend of engineered stone manufactories. All the listeners benefited a lot from the speeches. In the end, the CSMA president Mr. Chen Guoqing concluded the conference and gave high praise of it.

After lunch, the guests visited Veegoo headquarter. First, Ms. Deng Feizhou took the guests to showroom and introduced the history and products of Veegoo.
The, the director of purchase center Mr. Fan Zonghao introduced the information system of Veegoo, from PLM, ERP, to WMS and SCM.

Then, Mr. Fan took the guests to visit Veegoo smart workshop, all the guests gave high praise of electronic production board, AGV trolley, computer management of drawing and document and other smart system.
At the same time, Mr. Fan also introduced Veegoo new product to the guests.

In the end, all the guests came to meeting room, and made a conclusion of today conference, and expected the future of engineered stone industry. Also Mr. Qiu Jianping introduced the engineered stone industry from technology, equipments, formulation and raw material according to the guests questions.
2018 Annual conference of CSMA Engineered Stone Division has successfully concluded, let’s work hard and create a better future of engineered stone industry!