About Us

About Veegoo

VEEGOO Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2011, and is located in Foshan (Guangdong), an advanced manufacturing industry hub in China. VEEGOO employs approximately 285 employees, and dominates the Chinese market in quartz plants and resin lines. Our management team and technical staff are top professionals in the Chinese stone industry and account for more than 35% of VEEGOO's total workforce. 

VEEGOO has in recent years also established cooperation with foreign consultants, technology specialists, and hi-tech foreign companies to improve technologies and services.

A key element of VEEGOO's success has been the ability to provide end-to-end support to its customers, from the initial transfer of know-how to continuous improvement of products and processes. VEEGOO's internal laboratories can perform any test on raw materials and assist customers in the development of special products and designs. Finally, investment in production equipment and Research & Development has greatly contributed to VEEGOO's rapid technological development. 

VEEGOO's customers, many of them top players in the global Quartz and Stone industry, certify their products according to the strictest international standards, including ISO, NSF, CE, Greenguard, SGS, GMC, MA, ilac-MRA, and CNAS.

The Development Course

  • 2021

    Veegoo enter into hard surface industry, provide the whole after-kiln intelligent solution for ceramics industry, 1st year attend Ceramics China exhibition, 1st automatic net reinforcement line successfully delivered to Mona Lisa.
  • 2020

    Veegoo has upgarded from a simple supplier of stone machinery to a supplier of whole intelligent solution for building material industry, and successfully developed intelligent net reinforcement line, intelligent slab storage and logistic system, intelligent slab fabrication line and intelligent cement based slab plant.
  • 2019

    Established Veegoo America Corp., and installed quartz plant both in east and west coast of US. At the same time, the pilot plant in Veegoo workshop came into use, to develop and test new product (CNC robot, Calacatta feeding system, matrix pigment spraying unit, intelligent countertop fabrication line and etc.), to provide more reliable equipment and more competitive slabs to the customers.
  • 2018

    New products to the market: Matrix vein device, CNC bridge vein distributor, CNC robot vein distributor, Rotary mixer, V-groove edging machine, with high appreciation by the customers. Invite Italy Quartz industry expert Mr. Pierpaolo to Veegoo for the First Quartz Industry Expert Session. Undertake 2018 Annual Conference of CSMA Engineered Stone Division. The staffs increased to 285.
  • 2017

    Veegoo’s new product – Quartz Slab Polishing Line, came into market to provide the customer better finished slabs with high gloss. Veegoo headquarters moved to Nanhai high-tech zone, with about 40,000 square meters. Meanwhile, Veegoo put the Industry 4.0 to the new factory, to create a modern, automatic and intelligent factory. Veegoo’s vertical resin line received first prize of technical development in the technical innovation awards of China building material machinery industry. Veegoo also got the “hidden-champion“ in China. Veegoo exported 20 Quartz Slab Plants and got the market share of 36% in the world. The staffs increased to 250.
  • 2016

    Veegoo Quartz Plants installed successfully in Bestcheer, Vickers Group of Taiwan, LCT of South Korea, Calisco of Turkey. Veegoo Machinery was renamed Veegoo Technology. Veegoo became the high-tech enterprise of Chinese Stone Industry, the plant passed the CE certificate, and applied 46 patents in and outside China. Only in 6 years, Veegoo became the leader in Chinese Stone Industry, and got the recognition in the world market. The staffs increased to 200.
  • 2015

    Veegoo investment established, finished A round of financing. Veegoo headquarters updated, the second workshop came into use. In the same year, Shuitou office founded to provide the better service for our customers. The staffs increased to 190.
  • 2014

    It was a year of takeoff for Veegoo. The Vertical Resin Lines installed successfully in the famous stone manufactories such as Bestcheer, Dongsheng, Wanlong, Xinpengfei, Liven and Guangming stone. The product got the high appreciation and repeated orders by the customers with the market share of 84.8% in China. At the same time, the first 3-ovens Vertical Resin Line exported to Turkey, which opened the international market. The Quartz Plant also began mass production. The staffs increased to 135.
  • 2013

    Veegoo’s new product –The first Vertical Resin Line, which successfully installed to Zongyi Stone, and made an important step to the market. Also in this year, Veegoo gained the recognition of market with famous companies included Oppein, Bestcheer, The staffs increased to 108.
  • 2012

    It was the most difficult year of Veegoo. During this year, Veegoo only sold out and installed only one Quartz Plant. The staffs increased to 50.
  • 2011

    Jan. 18th, Veegoo Machinery (original name of Veegoo Technology) established in Xiabai, Luocun, Nanhai, Foshan, one of the most advanced manufacturing industry hubs in China, with only 35 staffs.